Snowboarding Goggle Trends for Winter 2017

With our huge success in 2016, Far Out Sunglasses plans to expand and create the best snowboarding goggles and trends for 2017 and beyond.

With our frame-less design on our Expose Goggle line, you can seamlessly integrate your goggles with your snow helmet with no extra space needed.  This creates more warmth for the rider, a more comfortable ride, and a better look.  Our glasses sport a armored venting system which eliminates fog, a lightweight frame, and a double lens which has been anti-fog treated, and a superior panoramic view that no other goggle can match.  Our Goggles will be sure to impress you, at the same time not breaking your bank account.  Be sure to check out our snow goggles, and check back for our brand new 2017 line that will be dropping in October 2017.

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