5 Best Snowboarding Escapes in the USA for 2017


The fact that Big Sky is in Montana may be the best part about it. If this 11,000 foot high mountain were in the Rockies or on the East Coast, it would likely be overrun by tourists. The resort features great riding without the time-killing lift lines you encounter at other, better known destinations.  Give it a run for it's money!

4. Squaw Valley

With many different levels of slopes from novice to professional, Squaw Valley is one of my favorites. Also a past Olympics site, Squaw Valley has a reputation as one of the toughest resorts around to ride. To take its terrain park game to the next level, the California park demolished its half-pipe and built a one of a kind challenge in its place. Located in California we visit this park often and give out free Snow Goggles to the patrons!  Make sure to find us in 2017.

3. Park City

This Utah resort has 3,300 acres of ski and snowboard terrain and 114 trails. More importantly, it has three terrain parks and a super pipe for the thrill seekers. The icing on the cake? Between December 25 and March 25, Park City opens up its trails and one of the terrain parks after dark for night riding!  Get some low low light lenses for this occasion.

2.  Mammoth Mountain

Award winning parks and pipes... Nine terrain parks. Did you catch that? Nine terrain parks. With three half-pipes, spread over 100 acres.

Again, being located in California we are honored to call this our home slope!  Come check out our sunglasses and snow goggles all year long!

1. Vail

Absolutely fantastic mountain offering great riding for ever style and level of rider.  It's no surprise that one of the most famous ski and snowboard resorts in the country would find its way to the top of this list.

If you're more about riding fresh powder than grinding rails, there are more than 3,000 acres of bowls on the back of the mountain.

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